Sugarbaby4u - Frequently Asked Questions


Terms and Conditions of Subscription. All subscriptions are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Q. What can you do as a free member ?

A. You can read and reply to email from VIP members or you can initiate communications with Diamond VIP members you may be interested in. With that said, we do offer a 3-days free introductory trial.

Q. What's the difference between Platinum and Diamond VIP members ?

A. As a Platinum VIP members, free members can read and reply to your emails or other communication, but cannot initiate new communication with you without being VIP members themselves. As a Diamond VIP members, free members can read and reply to your emails and other communications AS WELL AS initiate new conversations with you.

Q. What are the costs of the different plans ?

A. For Platinum VIP members, we offer a monthly plan ($26.99/month + $3 transaction fee) as well as 6-month (21.99/month + $3 transaction fee) and 12-month subscriptions ($16.49/month + $3 transaction fee).
All multi-month plans are a one-time upfront payment for the term of the subscription period. All sales are final and there are no refunds.

Q. What are the membership terms ?

1. All purchases are final. No refund will be given for unused portions of your subscription period.
2. guarantees that mail sent by Purchaser will be processed by the system and sent to the recipient's mailbox on the system. Notwithstanding, does not guarantee a response from the recipient nor does it make any other promises or warranties of any kind.
3. Purchaser hereby agrees that subscription privileges are non-refundable in the event that Purchaser chooses to suspend or cancel his/her membership. Furthermore, no refund will be made in the event of termination of Purchaser's membership due to a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service as outlined in there in. In that respect, Purchaser hereby agrees that offensive behavior towards other members or use of foul language in the chat room, emails to members or in Purchaser's profile will constitute sufficient grounds for such termination of Purchaser's membership by
4. All disputes resulting from subscription purchase made within the website shall be brought to a binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Better Business Bureau and all such arbitration shall take place in Los Angeles, California.
5. By submitting a purchase, Purchaser acknowledges, agrees and authorizes to renew Purchaser's subscription, automatically, every month, at the guaranteed renewal rate , until such time as Purchaser instructs to stop the renewals. You may request cancelation of your automatic renewals by sending us an email requesting a cancellation to
6. Your credit card statement will read "GB Ventures LLC".

Q. What will the charge on my credit card statement read ?

A. The charge on your credit card statement will discreetly read "GB Ventures LLC"

Q. How do i cancel my subscription ?

To cancel your subscription, send us a notification in writing requesting a cancellation to

Q. I am still leery of using my credit card. What are my other options ?

A. You can simply buy one of those prepaid VISA or MasterCard gift credit cards they sell at every grocery store or drugstore nowadays and use it as long as it is usable online.

Q. How can I add more photos to my profile ?

A. From the Profile menu, select Profile. Then, click on "Add a photo" and follow the prompts. . You will now need to create an album in which you will load the additional photos. When you add a photo, you can set each picture individually as public (permitted for all) or private (permitted for only hotlist).

Q. How can I view private photos ?

A. You will need to email the person whose private photos you'd like to see, and ask them to add you to their hotlist. Once they add you to their hotlist, you will be able to view their private photos for as long as you remain on their hotlist.

Q. I am having technical difficulties. Do you offer tech support ?

A. We do not currently offer technical support. Our site is very straight-forward and no installation of any software is necessary to make it work.

Q. How do I contact you ?

A. For support issues, contact us by email: Note: This email is for support issues only. Emails to this address for any other issues including billing will not be answered.


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